Creating meaningful weddings that reflect your love...

I am the Reverend Leslie Becknell Marx, and I conduct wedding ceremonies in Ashland, OR and the surrounding Rogue Valley.  I will work with you to design a service that reflects your understanding of love and marriage.

The ceremony is the heart of your wedding day where you experience the transformation of becoming married.  We will create a ceremony that expresses your love, tells your story, conveys your values and reflects your style.

I have performed weddings in churches, gardens, country clubs, and on the beach.  The ceremonies have ranged from traditional to highly creative and personalized.  I am an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister with a Masters of Divinity, trained in the history and practice of sacred rituals to mark life transitions. 

I welcome all couples - straight, gay, lesbian, interfaith, spiritual but not religious, curious or confused about religion and spirituality, previously married, with or without children - anyone who wants to create a meaningful wedding ceremony to honor their love.

I use the term “wedding with meaning” to reflect that you are in the process of wedding each other; you are not simply planning an event.  I will work with you to help ensure that the wedding ceremony reflects the life you are creating together.  I also offer counseling and workshops to establish a strong foundation for your marriage. Please explore further using the links to the left.

I look forward to meeting you and enjoying the fulfillment of crafting a meaningful ceremony and the honor of officiating at your wedding.

Rev. Leslie      |      541-708-1046      |   Ashland, OR