I offer pre-marital counseling to couples to ensure that you feel more prepared for the commitments of marriage.  It is a momentous decision which alters your life; so I want to be sure you understand and are equipped for the joyous and difficult challenges of marriage.

I also offer newlywed counseling.  After the wedding, many couples find themselves wondering “what have we done!?!”  This is normal and does not mean that you made a mistake. It means that you are recognizing the depth of commitment you have made to each other and the extent to which your lives are now intertwined and interdependent.  After the rush and stress of wedding planning is over, it can be easier to find time for counseling. 

I offer 90 minute sessions to ensure you have adequate time to explore concepts, practice skills, and learn about each other.   Below are some of the specific types of counseling.  We can decide together which would be most valuable to you as a couple.

PREPARE pre-marital assessment - couple's strengths and focus areas:an online assessment to understand your strengths and areas of focus as a couple.  We will review the results together and consider implications for your relationship in 3-5 90 minute sessions.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator - personality preferences/compatibility: a classic “personality test” with extensive research and validation.  From an online assessment, you each get a 4 letter descriptor of your preferences (like ENFP or ISTJ) which I will explain and we will understand the impact your similarities and differences have on your marriage in 2-3 90 minute sessions.

Crucial Conversations - communicating clearly with kindness:
2 communication models to help you strengthen the core of any successful marriage - effective and kind communication.   I will explain “The Conversation Meter” to help you gauge the level of conversation and will also teach you about Compassionate Communication (as developed by Marshall Rosenberg) in 3-5 90 minute sessions.

Family Dynamics - understanding underlying patterns and influences:
looking at your “family tree” or genogram to understand the larger family dynamics.  A marriage brings together two families.  We will explore the dynamics of the larger family, the impact your family has had on you, and what that means for the family you are creating together in 2-3 90 minute sessions.

Pre-Marital Counseling Fees:
The rate for each 90 minute session is $85. 
I also ask that you pay for any online assessments that we might use (about $25 per couple).

Building a strong foundation for your marriage...
Pre-marital and Newlywed Counseling Options
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